About My Work

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It all started when...

I first became aware there was something called business process management (BPM) about 17 years ago when I ‘dragged along to’ a presentation by Prof Michael Rosemann. As Michael spoke about process management, improvement, and modelling, I realized that what I had been doing for the last ten years had a name. 

Since that serendipitous event, I’ve done little else in my professional life except explore the concepts and realities of BPM, or as I now prefer to call it, process-based management — a management philosophy aimed at the achievement of sustained operational excellence in the execution of organizational strategy.

My experience in many organizations, countries, and national cultures brings me to a core principle, the Primacy of Process. From this comes the Tregear Circles, and the 7Enablers of BPM that enable the circles to turn. Together these form a metamodel for contemporary management that is practical, scalable, sustainable, and controlled.

I am an independent consultant. My working life involves talking, consulting, thinking, and writing about analysis, improvement, and management of business processes. I help small and large organizations understand the potential, and realize the practical benefits, of process-centric thinking and management.

Working with clients around the world, I provide a wide range of process-based management services:

  • Education seminars

  • Executive briefings

  • BPM maturity assessments

  • Documentation of process architectures

  • Establishment of process governance

  • Process mentoring & coaching

  • Process improvement

  • Implementation of process support

  • Development of process-aware culture

  • Process performance measurement

  • Process management reviews

  • Conference presentations

  • Conference panel design & chairing

  • Commissioned writing

What my clients say:

“Charismatic, approachable subject matter expert. Very willing to help and build networks for ongoing support”

“I would like to acknowledge Roger Tregear’s outstanding contribution … We are appreciative of Roger’s professionalism, high level analytical expertise and organizational wisdom. In particular, his analysis of our core business, ability to identify key action items and raise sensitive topics in an appropriate, objective manner has been extremely beneficial.”

“Roger is a thought leader in the discipline of BPM as well as an experienced practitioner. He has the ability to cut through the theory and provide practical and useful approaches to BPM implementation.”