Unleashing creativity at BBC!

I will be facilitating a panel discussion at the annual Building Business Capability (BBC) conference in Florida on November 14. The session is called Future View: the Creative Organization and I’ll be joined by conference keynote speakers Nicholas Selk (Head of Cisco Design Thinking) and Matthew Winterbottom (HSBC Head of Social Listening & Analytics).

The challenge for our panelists is to explain what is meant by a “creative organization”. What would look it and feel like? If you walked into one, how would you know? What is the return on creativity? What benefits are available? How much time and effort should an organization spend on becoming more creative? How does an organization increase its creativity? What are the practical steps?

The conference imagery below shows heads exploding with creativity. Is there a way to achieve creativity that is less painful and more in line with health and safety policy?

No buzzword bingo . I’ll be looking for pragmatic, not creative, answers from Nic and Matt!

BBC is an important conference. It is the only one that provides insight into business analysis, business architecture, business process, business rules, business decisions, business strategy & transformation, and digital innovation toward the pursuit of business excellence. And they feed you. And it’s great fun. Of course you need to be there. See you in Florida.

More details at https://buildingbusinesscapability.com/


At this year’s IRMUK BPM Conference in London, 21-24 October 2019, I will be delivering both a half-day tutorial entitled, ‘Who’s in Charge? Making Process Governance Real’, and a conference presentation ‘Fit for purpose—a process view of organizational fitness’.

This is a great conference and I like to attend every year to catch up with people and ideas.

More information on the conference website: https://irmuk.co.uk/events/business-process-management-conference-europe/#fit-for-purpose-a-process-view-of-organisational-fitness

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London BPM Conference

I’ll be at this year’s Business Process Management Conference Europe 21-24 October 2019 in London.  I will be delivering a half-day tutorial entitled, ‘Who’s in Charge? Making Process Governance Real’.

This is one of the important conferences providing a unique opportunity to discover the latest approaches and innovative ideas to EA, BPM and Business Architecture and benefit from the synergies between them.

More information on the conference website: https://irmuk.co.uk/events/business-process-management-conference-europe/#who-s-in-charge-making-process-governance-reals

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Silo busters - who ya gonna call?

In his recent LinkedIn post, Dan O’Neill discusses the executive dystopian reality of siloed working. Dan has been there, done that. You can feel the pain and frustration in every keystroke! But it doesn’t need to be like that. Dan offers good advice, including—thanks Dan—a reference to my guiding principle of process-based management, the Primacy of Process.



London BPM Conference

I’ll be speaking (twice!) at the IRM UK BPM conference in London, late October. Conference presentation: “Fit for Purpose—a process view of organizational fitness”. Workshop: “Who’s in Charge—making process governance real”. Will you be there? Happy to catch up at the conference or nearby. #EACBPM https://irmuk.co.uk/


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Back in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for two new projects with my local partner ES Consulting. We’ll be getting the circles turning at the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) and the General Authority for Zakat and Tax (GAZT).

Great to be back to continue a partner relationship that has been successful for 13 years.