Unleashing creativity at BBC!

I will be facilitating a panel discussion at the annual Building Business Capability (BBC) conference in Florida on November 14. The session is called Future View: the Creative Organization and I’ll be joined by conference keynote speakers Nicholas Selk (Head of Cisco Design Thinking) and Matthew Winterbottom (HSBC Head of Social Listening & Analytics).

The challenge for our panelists is to explain what is meant by a “creative organization”. What would look it and feel like? If you walked into one, how would you know? What is the return on creativity? What benefits are available? How much time and effort should an organization spend on becoming more creative? How does an organization increase its creativity? What are the practical steps?

The conference imagery below shows heads exploding with creativity. Is there a way to achieve creativity that is less painful and more in line with health and safety policy?

No buzzword bingo . I’ll be looking for pragmatic, not creative, answers from Nic and Matt!

BBC is an important conference. It is the only one that provides insight into business analysis, business architecture, business process, business rules, business decisions, business strategy & transformation, and digital innovation toward the pursuit of business excellence. And they feed you. And it’s great fun. Of course you need to be there. See you in Florida.

More details at https://buildingbusinesscapability.com/