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This paper summarizes why I do what I do, and how I do it. It defines my ‘why’ and I think it should be yours as well. Also included is some brief discussion of my background, past projects, and my services.

A recent reader of this paper said:

Roger Tregear’s short summary paper … communicates well and … demonstrates a logical and coherent approach to BPM. This is useful.
What is needed most today is really someone to re-confirm the strategic value of BPM. … Tregear’s paper comes in handy for our work to persuade decision makers all around

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BPM Maturity, and organisational superpower.

Every organization makes promises to customers and other stakeholders. Such promises are its reason for existence and are shaped as value propositions in the organizational strategy.

Traditional management follows the organization chart with most management activity directed up and down that chart. But how do we get work done? How do we deliver on those promises?

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Measuring business process performance

This was the question asked of me recently:

“If you separately set KPIs for each of the processes in a process architecture, how do you know that they are properly aligned with the strategic objectives of the organization?”

Good question!

Certainly, there is a need to ensure that process performance measures are aligned with strategy execution. Of course, there is—what we are really doing in measuring process performance is measuring the quality of strategy execution.

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Roger Tregear, Principal Advisor

I spend my working life talking, consulting, thinking, presenting, and writing about the analysis, innovation, improvement, and management of business processes.

Often working as a ‘thinking partner’ and mentor, I provide business process and problem analysis consulting services. 36 years’ experience as a business, management and IT consultant means that I have well-developed insight into business improvement and problem resolution.

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