ES Consulting

Saudi Arabia and other Arab States
Abdulrahman AlForaih, Managing Director.
ES Consulting is a Saudi Arabian management and ICT consulting firm based in Riyadh. They provide BPM, strategic planning, and general management consulting services. All TregearBPM consulting work in all the Arab States is done through ES Consulting and its local partners. 


Dan O’Neill, Founder & Principal Consultant
OpExtion helps identify, resolve, and coach organizations to move from reactive firefighting to proactive operational leadership. OpExtion provides hands-on and pragmatic advisory services to create sustainable leadership and operational excellence.



i-be is an integrated entrepreneurial community that launches a successful company every day. It supports innovators and serves investors by connecting experts and service providers to entrepreneurs, and by delivering quality training programs. Book your visit at

ES Learning

Saudi Arabia and other Arab States
Abdulrahman AlForaih, Managing Director.
ES Learning is a Saudi Arabian training provider. They deliver courses and facilitated workshops in topics such as: BPM, facilitation, process improvement, quality management, innovation, and strategic planning. All TregearBPM training in the Arab States is done through ES Learning.

Q3 Edge Consulting

Amit Chauhan, Managing Partner & CEO.
Q3Edge Consulting is a BPM, process automation, process mapping, process improvement, and training company based in New Delhi, India. All TregearBPM consulting and training services in India are delivered through Q3Edge.

Leonardo Consulting

Australia and New Zealand
Chris Nagel, Owner and Managing Director.
Leonardo is a leading Australian firm specializing in business process management, modeling, and automation, and systems  integration to drive improvement in organisational management as well as deliver information systems that create value for stakeholders.


BPT Consulting Services

Southern African Development Community
Hannelie Eksteen, CEO & Managing Consultant.
BPT Consulting Services is based in Namibia and delivers process management and improvement consulting and training services across southern Africa. TregearBPM works with BPT Consulting on process-based management assignments in the SADC states.